NYOROSHA RUTO KABISA….KANINI KEGA praises UHURU for snubbing RUTO during Madaraka Day fete – He got what he deserved.

Even as supporters of the Deputy President William Ruto continue to vent and criticize President Uhuru Kenyatta for breaking protocol by not having the Deputy President speak at yesterday’s Madaraka Day celebrations, Kieni MP Kanini Kega, has thanked the president for doing what he did.

He challenged Ruto’s allies to stop whining and just accept things as they are and move on.

While shedding more light on the whole episode, Kega said that any national event within the country always has the president as the chief guest, and so it was entirely within Uhuru’s prerogative to conduct the day’s program as he saw fit.

Normally, in any national event, it is the Deputy President who acts as the official Master of Ceremony after entertainment where he ushers in the chief guest and finally the President of the nation.

However, in this year’s Madaraka Day Celebration, Ruto did not get a chance to even say hello, let alone bid Kenyans goodbye as the Jubilee regime prepares to hand over power to the next regime.

Immediately after the entertainment segment, the Head of State took over the program by inviting the chief guest, Sierra Leone President Julius Bio, and then went straight to his speech.

According to Kega, there is nothing wrong with how Uhuru conducted business yesterday.

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