KIMEUMANA…Raila in Trouble Downgrading Ruto’s Doctorate Degree “Mtu Amesoma Miti”

Despite good support he is enjoying in the country ODM Party Leader Raila Odinga has found himself on the receiving end on social media sites after suggestively downgrading Deputy President William Ruto’s field of education.

Speaking on Wednesday while on Azimio la Umoja campaign trails in Kitui county, Raila laughed off Ruto’s promises saying he failed to deliver laptops to standard one pupils ten years ago despite the promises.

He urged Kitui county residents not to allow themselves to be swayed by the wheelbarrows, saying those are old-generation tools yet Ruto has been promising laptops (digital).

Raila went ahead to compare his education field (Engineering) with that of Ruto (doctorate in Botany and Zoology) saying he is even more digital than Ruto who ‘studied trees’

“How will you give a digital child a wheelbarrow yet you promised them laptops? They have studied computers and don’t need wheelbarrows. That is stupidity and when I said so, you come here claiming Raila is insulting you. You have been calling Raila analog yet you are not digital yourself.

Raila ndio Engineer yeye amesoma mambo ya miti, miti peke yake, kati ya mtu amesoma miti na mtu amesoma engineer, nani ni digitali? si ni mimi?” posed Raila.
This, however, seemed to have elicited mixed reactions online, with a number of Facebook users hitting out at Raila. Most of them called on Raila to publicly come out and declare his academic credentials public, with some claiming nobody knows where Raila acquired his degree.

Others claimed that Raila has only a certificate in welding and has never graduated from any university.