UKORA ZA SIASA……Politicians Who Changed Their Names Due To Politics In order To Woo Voters

A number of politicians have taken the unusual step of legally changing their names to better represent their constituents’ nicknames. 

1.Tabitha Karanja
Former businesswoman-turned-politician Tabitha Karanja is the latest in a long line of people to go through the process of changing their name. 

Located in Nakuru, Kenya, Karanja’s Keroche Breweries has been fighting big corporations for the region’s liquor market for more than two decades. 

The possibility exists that Karanja’s April decision to drop her maiden name was a factor in her eventual decision to run under the name Keroche in the Nakuru senator race. Tabitha Karanja Keroche’s name will appear on the ballot during the August elections. 

Despite the fact that some people may not be familiar with the Keroche brand, she is counting on the brand’s prominence to draw them in. 


In 2012, Mike Sonko, the former governor of Nairobi, changed his name from Mike Mbuvi to Mike Sonko. At the time, he represented Makadara in the House of Representatives. Ex-governor Sonko is well-known for his extravagant taste in jewelry, clothing, and other frivolous accoutrements. “Sonko” means “rich” in Sheng. 

3. Ferdinand Waititu

There are a few politicians who have changed their names, including Ferdinand Waititu. To the fans, he was known as their father, or “Baba Yao.” This translates to “father.” When Waititu ran for the Embakasi MP seat in 2008, he was dubbed “Waititu.” During the 2017 elections, the lawmaker decided to legally change his name to Babayao in order to avoid any confusion. 

In January 2017, Waititu requested a name change. The name of Ferdinand Waititu Babayao should be used.
4. When Francis Mwangi, the governor of Murang’a County in Kenya, decided to go by his nickname, Mwangi wa Iria, he was joined by many others. “milkman” is the Kikuyu word for milkman Wa Iria. In a nod to his time at the Kenya Cooperative Creameries, he has created New KCC (KCC) 
5. Kimani Wamatangi was Paul Kimani’s legal name, but he chose to go by his nickname. The “tanker” can be referred to as a “water tank person.” He was dubbed “Tank Man” because he donated money to his county’s residents so they could buy water tanks. 

6.Kieni MP, Kanini Kega, also changed his name to Kanini Kega, which means “little and good” in Swahili.