MIMI NDIO DAWA YA CORRUPTION HAPA KENYA ONCE ELECTED NITAIMALIZA KABISA …. RUTO blames UHURU in the war against corruption as he vows to do the unimaginable if elected president.

DP William Ruto hit President Uhuru Kenyatta for customizing the war on corruption.

Speaking during an engagement meeting with civil society members in Hermosa in Karen, Nairobi County, Ruto vowed to reinvigorate the fight against transplantation if elected president in August.

The chief pointed out that the difficulties facing the country are the result of rampant corruption at both levels of government.

“We must not personalize or politicize corruption. We need to approach it from an institutional space so that everyone, including the president, is expected to respond,” said Ruto

While expressing confidence in the victory in the presidential elections on 9 August, the vice president said that he will give priority to the fight against corruption.

He said that the Kenyan Kwanza government that will be formed will spare no one, adding that the graft must be fought from an institutional point of view, so that everyone, including the president, is held accountable.

Ruto also revealed that President Uhuru Kenyatta’s inability to appoint six of the 40 remaining judges had deprived the judiciary of its functionality in the fight against transplantation due to a lack of human resources.

According to him, the war on grafting is lost because it has been converted into a personal war with the weakening of the relevant institutions.

DP Ruto said his administration will build and authorize independent institutions in charge of fighting corruption.

“The institutions must be strong enough to deal with everyone and we will be held accountable for that. We have to face the capture of the state and we have to face the conflict of interest, “he said.