WAJACKOYA ADDRESSING OVER 100,000 SUPPORTERS … Mudavadi and Atwoli Kwisha …. see how Wajackoyah changed the minds of over 100,000 residents who attended his amega rally in Vihiga County

Roots party presidential candidate George Wajackoyah took his presidential campaigns to Vihiga County on Friday.

The controversial and celebrated international lawyer has assured Kenyans that he will solve the troubled economy if elected president in the August polls.

Adding that he will legalize marijuana cultivation in the county to help repair Kenya’s economy.

“Roots Party government will invest heavily in bhang agriculture that will enable my administration generate more funds to support our economy,” Said Wajackoyah

The leader of the Roots party urged Kenyans to vote for him in the general elections on 9 August for the benefit of the country.

Wajackoyah said he has created a better structure that will allow him to convert Kenya’s economy into a 24/7 economy to create more jobs in the country.