PAINFULL …. MURATHE AMEROPOKWA MBAYA …. leaked what will happen after the polls on August 9 …. Ruto won’t like this

The Vice President of the Jubilee, the Honorable David Murathe, continued to make predictions on what awaits Kenya in the upcoming general elections.

The Jubilee Strongman via his Facebook post listed four things that will happen on August 9 at exactly 2pm.

David Murathe, a prominent Kenyan politician, a successful businessman and an influential member of the Jubilee Party of Kenya.

Former member of parliament from Gatanga constituency says Azimio’s flag bearer La Umoja Raila Odinga will win the upcoming presidential elections in August with or without votes from the Mount Kenya region.

He also assured Kenyans four things that will happen on election day at 2pm. Murathe posted on his Facebook account.

These are the 4 events expected on that big day

  1. Agwambo is going to win with Avery big margin but Ruto will not accept
  2. William Ruto will report electoral fraud at 14:00 from the Sugoi home.
  3. Some parts of the Rift Valley will experience demonstrations but won’t last
  4. Nairobi and other regions will be calm and peacefully await Baba’s oath

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