“Sio mimi the incoming governor … ni the outgoing governor Ongwae … alituma goons wapige Karua” … Simba Arati ametoboa

Dagoretti North MP, the Honorable Simba Arati, accused the governor of Kisii Jammes Ongwae of allegedly sending one of his bodyguards to throw a tear gas canister on the podium where Martha Karua was speaking, urging her to prevent her from approving it, but she has no problem with him.

The MP revealed that the officer was searched and found with a cell phone that was in constant communication with Governor Ongwae, who was instructing him to cause chaos so that the entire meeting would end. He also added that this was done to prevent Karua from approving Mr Arati for the position of governor, as this would have an impact on Kisii’s people who will not support Ongwae’s candidate.

“because Ongwae was afraid he was going to support me, and ruining his candidate he wants to impose on the people after the officer’s documents and phone were examined, it turned out that he was in constant communication with Ongwae during the entire time he the massacre took place, said Arati.

He also urged police to restrain the culprit while further excavations are carried out so that he can be presented in court to testify against Ongwae, adding that they were planning to kill people at that stage, in a well-planned attack so that they can tag Kisii supporters of Azimio as King of violence, thus distorting their image.