MATIANGI AMEANIKA RUTO… reveals how IG MUTYAMBAI refused to buy fake police equipment from Kenyan leader Kwanza and his friends at an exaggerated price

Interior CS Fred Matiang’i has revealed the origin of the beef between Vice President William Ruto and Police Inspector General Hillary Mutyambai.

While addressing Azimio supporters in Nyamira during the Azimio Rally which was graced by former Prime Minister Raila Odinga also a presidential candidate of Azimio coalition Matiang’i fired back at Ruto for attacking Mutyambai.

Vice President Ruto defiantly said Mutyambai is the world’s most inexperienced IG as he addressed a delegation from the International Republican Institute (IRI) and National Democratic Institute (NDI) in Karen.

“The only concern from where we are sitting is the police. We do not doubt the ability of the police to handle the situation, we doubt the leadership. We have the most incompetent IG in the world. “

“His incompetence may not necessarily manifest itself when things work out, but when things move forward and we need to make some decisions, the IG can’t make the decision,” Ruto said.

However, according to Matiang’i, Ruto is disappointed in Mutyambai because he refused to make deals or offers to his close friends and allies.

The CS said Mutyambai refused to purchase fake police boots and police bulletproof vests from Ruto’s friends at a high and extortionate price.

“Hillary Mutyambai anatusiwa bure, shida yake ni alikataa kuununua police boots for Sh13,000 from Ruto’s friends, akanunua from local manufacturers for Sh2,900. He alikataa kununua body armor for $ 900 from friends of DP akanunua for $ 90 that’s why he’s being insulted, “said Matiang’i.