RUTO ASINIABISHE HAPA RIFT VALLEY….Ananichomea juu nilikataa hachukui Mau forest

Speaking during the launch of the manifesto for Tipapa Kirokorr, Alias ​​Joho spoke about the Mau Forest restoration journey that began when he was Prime Minister between 2008 and 2013.

“I was agitated for the restoration of the Mau forest. I told those who opposed the plan that I was ready to go and sell mandazi in Kibera …..if the fight cost them politically, ”he said.

The clearing in 2019 saw the government claim over 22,000 hectares of land in the area.

After the eviction, Ruto is said to have bought a portion of the evicted homeless people totaling three acres in Tendwet, Olmekenyu and Sagamian and built them temporary homes.

The clearing of the Mau forest made Odinga a darling of the Narok Maasai community as it drew a line between him and the Kalenjin community.

Mau Forest Complex is a water tower for 10 million Kenyans. But illegal settlement and deforestation destroyed 24%, or 107,000 hectares (264,000 acres), of its trees in 20 years.

“Baba paid the political price to restore the Mau, but I overheard Ruto on a Narok tour recently saying that the Mau Forest matter is over. How can this have ended while the evicted people are forest guardians lurking in the IDP camps? ”Junet asked.