RUTO NI MWONGO KAMA KIJUKU….Milly Odhiambo attacks Ruto badly

ODM Party’s most outspoken legistilator Milly Odhiambo has called out Deputy President William for making empty promises to Kenyans

Speaking in homabay on today  after a series of roadside campaign stops, Milly castigated the Kenya Kwanza brigade for being mum on corruption, an issue she said is Kenya’s biggest problem.

“Ruto ni muongo kama kijuku…You cannot say you will work for the people without first assuring them that you will protect their money. If you have no plans to tackle corruption then those are just empty promises,” Milly said

DP Ruto has been critical of the performance of the Jubilee administration of which he has been part of after parting ways with President Kenyatta.

“All we are hearing is we will do this and that, why didn’t you do it while you were in a similar position,” Milly said.