CHEBUKATI AMENYOROSHA AGWAMBO … RUTO WINS BIG … IEBC chief leaves Raila in alimbo over Greece Ballot inspection trip

Last month, Raila through his lawyer Paul Mwangi wrote to the Electoral Commission and for Independent Borders asking for information on the planned printing of ballot papers.

Raila wanted information on; the location of the Greek company in charge of printing the ballot papers, the security features of the ballot papers and the transport and storage logistics put in place by the commission.

Sources from the Electoral Commission and Independent Borders have revealed that the printing of the 200 million ballot papers will begin anytime starting today.

This is after IEBC gave parties four days to change the names of their aspirants, the four days ended yesterday.

Chebukati has not kept his promise to Raila to take interested parties and party officials to Greece to inspect the newspaper press.

A source within the commission revealed that IEBC has no budget to facilitate such a trip.

Chebukati remained silent

Raila wanted this information to be disclosed before the ballot papers start printing.

In response, Chebukati promised to include stakeholders and party officials on an inspection trip to Greece to inspect the printing of ballot papers.