WAJACKOYAH CELEBRATING AFTER INFLUENCING Catholic Nuns into bhang business….They now Make 110 Million Shillings Per Month Selling Bhang

Catholic nuns left Kenyans to talk, revealed they make 110 million shillings a month selling Bhang

Although bhang is one of the most dangerous illegal drugs in Kenya and the world, this is not always the case as it is sometimes used for medical purposes, causing some countries to allow its growth in a controlled way.

A group of Catholic nuns are on the scene after revealing that they earn over Sh110 million a month from growing and selling the herb to the relief company Beta which produces painkillers.

Speaking at a local media station, the nun in charge of the convention revealed that she has started so many charitable organizations to cater for the disadvantaged in society.

This, however, sparked mixed reactions among netizens and most of them condemned the activity as evil.