Where to take online university courses in Kenya

Attending an online university has many benefits.

Online programs often offer more flexibility and convenience than on-campus options.

Distance students typically save time on commuting and can complete their studies from anywhere.

Many colleges and universities offer associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees online. Online learning enables a learner to attend any recognized school anywhere in the country without relocating.

Here are the best universities offering online courses in Kenya.

  1. Kenya Institute of Open Learning
    Not all people can afford to enroll in a school program, and the Kenya Institute of Open Learning caters to graduate and certified students who have no financial means to access education in any other way.
    If you are looking to enroll in a diploma or certificate course, this is the place to start.
  2. Kenyatta University Digital School
    Kenyatta University Digital School of Virtual and Open Learning works in partnership with various institutions that offer online courses and aims to equip students with the same skills as their school counterparts.

It is open to students who are unable to undertake full-time 0n-campus programs.

  1. USIU online university courses

Another great place to get quality online education for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. USIU has made a name for itself as one of Kenya’s best private universities, making it a great place to experience distance learning.

  1. Distance learning and JKUAT continuing education
    The JKUAT distance learning program is open to diploma and certificate courses, undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Find out more about how to apply for JKUAT distance learning and continuing education.
    Distance learning has revolutionized education and now more than ever students who cannot afford school programs due to financial or work commitments can enroll and learn online.
    These cited universities, both private and public, offer accredited online university courses that you can be sure of completing in the shortest time possible.
  2. Moi University Institute for open and distance learning

Its Institute of Open and Distance Learning offers students affordable college education in an ideal environment for those who cannot enroll in their school programs