KIMEUMANA …uhuru ameanika Ruto mbaya…vows no votes from Mt Kenya for Ruto

Just aweek after DP Ruto came out openly and confessed how he almost slapped for wanting to step down after their alleged 2017 general elections win,
President Uhuru Kenyatta
has for the first time responded to DP Ruto saying that he would have turned the other cheek should he have slapped him.

Speaking to religious leaders at State House Nairobi, President Kenyatta stated that peace was more important to him compared to Ruto.

“A deal has two people, it never has one. In 2017 you all know what happened, we were almost heading back to the 2007 situation,” he recalled.

Uhuru admitted that indeed he wanted to go back to Ichaweri as Ruto stated “to avoid bloodshed.”

“Yes, I wanted to go back to Ichaweri because I couldn’t compare power with bloodshed.If they had slapped me over power, I would have given them the other cheek to slap…yeah…” he stated.

Uhuru added that at that time all indications were that the country was headed to chaos.

“Unfortunately, my deputy and some other people did not want me to dialogue with Raila, they were asking me why I was talking to him, and I told them, because they are Kenyans, and won’t leave this country, do you want Kenyans to die in bloodshed? I told my deputy, I differ with you, I will embrace dialogue, if that is what will lead to peace. So, I talked to Raila, we forgave each other for the many bad things we had said about each other and shook hands

The President insisted that he was prepared to lose power so as to avoid the chaos and skirmishes witnessed in the 2007 general elections .

“These seats we occupy are not more valuable than human life. I had said yes, I will not see more people lose lives because of a seat.”

He was addressing the clergy in his Kikuyu dialect on Friday at State House.

President Kenyatta maintained that Ruto were opposed to handshake talks with his erstwhile rival Raila Odinga ignorant that the country was in the brink of chaos.