Migori businessman offers president Ruto a land for a partnership to promote hustlers

President William Ruto late last month met potential investors in US to enable him achieve what he promised Kenyans during his campaigna that he will create 4 million jobs for the youth if elected president and improve the economy of Kenya that is wanting

To help president Ruto and his administration achieve this, a US green card holder permanent residence based migori investor Jagdish Patel the proprietor of Shree Jay Ambee Mattresses has offered his family land for partnership with any investor to open up a bread bakery business in migori town with an aim of empowering the youths not only offering them an employment but also equipping them with skill in the bakery business

Mr Patel who is currently seeking to meet president William Ruto and Dp Gachagua says the president and his administration is focused in empowering the hustlers and seeking to be involved so as to promote the bottom-up narrative

Adding the bakery initiative will also be targeting needy families as away of giving back to the society The investor say Kenya has a myriad of glaring opportunities that need to be tapped

“Kenya is the place to be for European development financiers. It is a continent where jobs and investments are very much needed, and at the same time, it is the new frontier where opportunities abound, and life is getting better for millions of people,” Jagdish Patel said

Breadcrafter will produce and sell high quality, handmade breads to the residents and tourists of migori and its neighboring Counties.

The initiative will focus on modern Style; naturally leavened breads and baguettes made with high quality ingredients. Adding the breads will be baked and sold at a storefront facility using a 4 deck, steam injected bread oven.

Labor saving devices will allow the project to run the entire operation with the help of two part time, seasonal employees.

Currently more than sixty investors from Europe are in Kenya scouting for investment opportunities.

The investors are targeting to invest in the manufacturing, hospitality, health and financial sectors

Dr Ruto has been saying that Kenya is ready for investments and that the partnerships with American businesses will help improve the country’s economic and social transformation.

“Investors can predict the future of Kenya because it’s a democratic country. We have demonstrated as the people of Kenya that the rule of law underpins public affairs,” Ruto said.