CHUNGENI HUYU RUTO JAMANENI…hatakubali ushindi…RAILA  tells IEBC and DPP …revealing that Ruto is planning to reject the outcome of the August 9th election

The legal position being advanced by UDA is therefore duplicitous…it is intended to establish grounds for UDA’s legal challenge at the Supreme Court of the imminent Raila Odinga victory in the Presidential election of August 9, 2022,” Mwangi said.

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RUTO tensed as ICT CS JOE MUCHERU reveals data showing RAILA will win the August polls in round one by a landslide – Look!

“The data we have, the opinion polls available, and many other factors point to that reality,” Mucheru stated.This comes even as Ruto and his Kenya Kwanza have accused Mucheru of planning to rig them in favour of Raila Odinga come August